Beyond semantics: Corpus-based investigations of pragmatic and discourse phenomena

In recent years, focus of corpus-based research has moved from morpho-syntactic phenomena to semantics (e.g. word sense disambiguation, frame semantics, predicate-argument structure, temporal structure) and "beyond", i.e., to pragmatic and discourse-related phenomena (e.g. anaphora, information structure). In the latter field, it is often especially hard to transfer results from theoretical linguistics that are based on toy examples to naturally-occurring texts. Even provided explicit annotation guidelines, it is often difficult to annotate texts reliably.

We would like to bring together theoretical linguists who use texts and corpora for pragmatic or discourse-related research questions, and corpus linguists as well as computational linguists who create and annotate relevant corpus resources, or exploit them. The goal of the workshop is to enhance exchange between researchers of both fields, and thus to gain insight in the -- possibly common -- properties and peculiarities of the "beyond" phenomena.

The workshop "Beyond semantics: Corpus-based investigations of pragmatic and discourse phenomena" will be held in Göttingen, Germany, February 23-25, 2011, as part of the Annual Conference of the German Linguistic Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, DGfS). The workshop is organized by Stefanie Dipper (Bochum) and Heike Zinsmeister (Konstanz).

Note that according to DGfS policy, each person may only present one paper at the DGfS conference (but can be co-author of further papers).