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Vortrag von John A. Bateman am Dienstag, 14.01.2014, 16:00 Uhr

Montag, 06. Januar 2014. Aus der Kategorie 'Vortragsreihe'. Das Sprachwissenschaftliche Institut lädt ein zu dem Vortrag von John A. Bateman (Bremen): The semantics of spatial expressions in natural language -- a linguistic ontology of space and its practical applications --
Over the past 10 years at the Collaborative Research Center on Spatial Cognition of the Universities of Bremen and Freiburg we have been involved in the development of a range of computational systems requiring the processing of natural language expressions in the spatial domain. The use of linguistic spatial expressions in natural contexts exhibits a startling degree of flexibility. Models of space derived on non- linguistic grounds, such as Euclidean geometry and qualitative spatial calculi, often appear ill-matched to the distinctions drawn by natural languages. This renders the definition of any straightforward connection between lexicogrammatical forms and the situated interpretation of those forms problematic. To meet this challenge, we have defined an extensive linguistic semantics for spatial expressions motivated solely on the basis of grammatical evidence -- thus falling broadly within a two-level semantics approach. The semantics itself is modelled drawing on principles from ontological engineering resulting in a modular linguistic ontology that serves as a flexible interface between linguistic expressions on one side and their situated interpretation on the other. In this talk I set out the theoretical motivation for the linguistic ontology and its overall structure, employing examples from our application contexts. I then briefly characterise the uses we are making of the ontology for natural language generation and natural language analysis, as well as sketching directions for future development.

Der Vortrag findet in Raum 3/159 statt.